Do you have any domain reseller program?

Do you have any domain reseller program?

Yes, we provide domain reseller program.

Domain name reseller programs are usually offered by an accredited registrar — or sometimes a web hosting company — that sells domain names to service providers. The registrar organization handles the investments and infrastructure management needed to maintain domain registration, including sending information to the domain registry.

You can use this link to signup as domain name reseller

The Benefits of Domain Reselling with us
  1. Easy-to-use panel for managing your business
  2. Free ID Protection
  3. API, WHMCS module and other integrations
  4. Dedicated Account managers
  5. 24x7 Skilled Technical Support. 

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    • How long will it take to restore the domain?

      If your domain name has passed the expiration date, there’s still a chance to restore it during the redemption period. Once the restoration process is initiated it takes 24-48 hours for the domain to get restore.
    • I mistyped the domain name while registering. Can you issue a refund or edit the domain from registrar end?

      It is not possible to edit or modify a domain once purchased. When you register a domain name you reserve the letters or characters in that order. If you have already made the purchase, the only way to change the domain name is to register a new one.