How to create/generate API key?

How to create/generate API key?

  1. Login to your reseller panel

  2. Click on "TOOLS" option

  3. In that select "Profile Settings" option

  4. Choose "API" option

  5. Click on "View API Key" to see the API key

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    • What is a private key used for and where can I find it?

      A private key is important for SSL installation and it should be kept privately on your server. You should not expose it to your SSL provider or other users. Sometimes your web hosting company may ask for your private key to create an SSL secure ...
    • I have accidentally deleted my "private key," what can I do now?

      You can regenerate a new private key by replicating the same steps which you used to generate the private key.
    • How to whitelist IP for API access?

      Login to your reseller panel Click on "TOOLS" Option In that select "Profile Settings" option Choose "API" Option You can see the third Option "whitelist IP addresses" Under that Enter the "IP" you wish to Whitelist Click on "Save whitelisted IP ...
    • How do I generate a CSR?

      In the ConnectReseller panel, Click on SSL certificate → search the domain for which you want to download the CA bundle → Then click on "ID no" which is in the SSL ID row → Upon clicking on "ID No" → Click on " Click here to Generate CSR option". CSR ...
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      Login into your Reseller Account Click on "TOOLS" Option Then select “Reports” Choose the type of reports you want to download from “Report Type” Enter the “Email Address” under which you want to receive the reports. Select the “Start Date” and “End ...