How to place an SSL order?

How to place an SSL order?

1. Log in to your reseller account.

2. Navigate to the left-hand side of the page and locate the SSL Certificate Menu.
3. Click on Place SSL order.

4. Enter the Domain Name & Customer ID in order to search for the domain where the SSL certificate will be applied.
 Note : A verification email will be sent to the email address associated with the selected customer for the purpose of verification.
5. If the domain is valid and registered, the user will be redirected to the "Place Order" page.

6. Upon clicking the "Submit" button, you will be redirected to the subsequent page where you will be presented with the domain name, SSL price (which is subject to variation based on the product code), and relevant essential information.
7. Based on your requirements, you have the option to select the SSL type and Business Category.
8. Once you select the SSL type and Business Category, kindly proceed by clicking on the "Place Order" button.

9. You will be redirected to the home page of the domain list in the SSL order page Grid with an option to Issue the certificate and Cancel the SSL certificate.
10. Under actions you have to click on "enrol certificate".

11. Once you click on "enrol certificate" you will be redirected to the SSL CSR Verification page.

12. click on "Click here to generate CSR" To generate CSR, you will be redirected to, you have to add the details accordingly to generate a new CSR and private key.

13. Copy the CSR (Public Key)above the Private Key, and keep your private key with you for future verification process.
14. Copy the CSR and paste it under Enter CSR BOX, Select verification method and select any one domain verification method (DNS or FILE Upload). And click on the Issue Certificate button below.

15. After 5-10 minutes the status will be pending verification, you will receive one verification email on your selected Customer's email-id, which will include the TXT record and verify domain link.

  1. If you have chosen the DNS TXT method for SSL verification, you should add the TXT record in your domain's DNS management panel. After adding the record, it may take some time for the DNS changes to propagate globally.
    Once the DNS records have propagated, you can click on the "verify domain" link provided in email. This will initiate the domain verification process. Once the domain is successfully verified, the SSL status will become active within the next 10 minutes.
  2. If you have chosen file verification method you can refer to steps below.
  1. Create a certum.txt file.

  2. Include the verification code / TXT Code in the content of the file:-

For example:- "".
(To find verification code / TXT Code:- SSL Certificate - Click on SSL Id- TXT Code)

  1. Place the file on the hosting server of the domain name "" in the folder - /.well-known/pki-validation/

             (Note:- During the initial verification process, it is required for the user to create these folders.)

  2. Check if the file is publicly available by going to

After completing one of the aforementioned steps, kindly click on the "Verify the Domain" link provided in the email you have received.
16. Upon completing the verification process, your SSL will become active within the next 5-10 minutes.
17. Once SSL is active you can Download CA bundle & SSL certificate by clicking on SSL id > Download SSL Certificate.

Now, you can proceed to install the SSL certificate on your domain name with the assistance of your hosting service provider.

***Cancel SSL Certificate feature will be enabled only in 2 Situations***
a. When SSL Order is placed.
b. When the Issue Certificate Process is Completed.

=>You have to add the TXT records under the domain's DNS management panel to make the SSL active.
=>Once SSL is active you can download the certificate by clicking on SSL id.
=>On the SSL Details page which appears on clicking the SSL ID, If the SSL is Active 2 options will be appeared to download the SSL Certificate with CA Bundle Files and to Revoke the Certificate.
*In Revoke condition no refund will be given to the Reseller*

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