How to install SSL module in WHMCS?

How to install SSL module in WHMCS?

WHMCS SSL setup.

1. Download the module file of “ConnectReseller SSL” refering to the link below.

2. Upon downloading the file "," kindly proceed to upload it to the file manager of your WHMCS installation, specifically to the directory "registrar/modules/servers." After uploading, please unzip the file to complete the installation process.

3. In the zip file a cron folder is available, in which “cron.php” file is available which needs to be scheduled daily once.

4. Once this is completed, go to your WHMCS panel, under system settings > Products/Services

5. Click on create new product.

6. Select Product type as Other.

7. Product Group – SSL Certificates

8. Product Name – Commercial SSL (You can add all our four product one by one repeating step no 5)

SSL Products:


Commercial Wildcard


Trusted Wildcard

>Once you add all the four products, all your four products will be visible under under system settings > Products/Services.

>You can set your pricing for these SSL products by clicking on edit product.

>You can refer to the link below for SSL pricing.

9. Upon creating these 4 product, under every products “Module Settings” tab you need to mention the following parameters.

The 4 Products can be differentiated by the “Product Code” parameter as below:

1. Commercial SSL Product Code – 601
2. Commercial Wildcard SSL Product Code – 741
3. Trusted SSL Product Code – 631
4. Trusted Wildcard SSL Product Code - 681

















Your API Key


Reseller ID

Your Reseller ID


Product Code



Iteration Count

1000 (Default Value)


Key Size

128 (Default Value)

Salt, IV & Passphrase is common for all users, use only the parameters given above. Do not generate mentioned details from panel.

10. Once the module setting is completed User / clients can start placing SSL orders.

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