How to setup branded URL?

How to setup branded URL?

  1. Login to your Reseller panel

  2. Click on "Tools" option.

  3. Under that select "Profile Settings".

  4. In that select "Branding" option.

  5. Click on "URL" option.

  6. Specify the “Fully Branded URL” Once you have added the branded URL, Follow the below steps to install the SSL on your branded URL on our end.

  7. Below you will see the option to set your “Sign Out URL”.It helps you set the sign-out page for your customers.

Note: Point the Fully-Branded URL you choose above to our server using cname record pointing to (where xxxx is your reseller ID with ConnectReseller, you can find the ID in branding tab.)
So if you chose as your Fully-Branded URL you should add the following.:


Fully-branded URL only works with HTTPS, hence SSL certificate is required. You will need paid SSL certificate to be installed with the help of your Hosting provider. (Free SSL won't work with branded URL)
Once it is installed provide the SSL certificate along with the CA bundle and Private Key to our support team so they can add it to your Fully-Branded Domain.

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